1. What is the delivery time? When will I have the book?
- Every book is individually designed according to your requests - that's why the delivery takes a little while. Nevertheless, you'll have your book at least in 14 days after we receive the payment.

2. Can I add more characters to a book?
- In our books you can pick only the main character's name, sometime also their friend. Adding more characters to stories is unfortunately not in our power. You'll see exactly what can be personalized in the detail description of the book.

3. Will be the main character's surname featured everywhere in the book?
- The name and surname only appear in the title and on the book cover. The text itself contains only the given name and/or the nicknames which you pick when filling in the order.

4. If I pay more, can you add more photos to the book?
- Unfortunately, that isn't possible. There's a preselected section for personal photos in the book and the book's layout doesn't allow us to extend this section.

5. Can the book feature siblings as well?
- It is possible in some books, however, in general we don't recommend it. Friend and other side characters don't live together in our stories and a sibling could disrupt its authenticity. Titles such as "friend" or "pal" cannot be erased from the book either.

6. How to fill out the box "City?"
- In the order, fill out the box with the preposition "in" or "at." Different cities and places may require different prepositions, hence it is necessary to include the correct one which will appear in the story.

7. Where can I get a discount voucher?
- The voucher could've been obtained at the book fair in Prague.

8. Do you offer books also in (insert language)?
- Our books in (insert language) can be ordered at www.insertwebpage.xy https://www.modryslon.sk.


1. Something went wrong. How can I return the book?
- You can return your order by filling out the Online Return Form. You can find more information on our website in the section "Delivery Conditions - Returns."


1. Do you send parcels also to other countries?
- We send our books to children abroad, too. Please, contact us at info@modryslon.cz and let us know your order number. We will issue a new invoice with a correct postage price.