What was written about us

Children about our books

Lucas: "The book is about me and I have a friend here."

Victoria: "The book was so beautiful to read that I read it all in one night. I liked the whole story. This book is awesome."

Martin: "It's my second favourite book, right after Pokemon."

George: "Wow, it's about me and Simon? How is that?"

Christine: "My mommy and I had such a laugh when we were reading all those thing about me."

"An ideal book for me, I wouldn't change anything, I like it. I'm reading it home all the time now."

Chris: "That's really cool, I have a book about myself... I would never believe I would get such a book."

"Awesomesauce, my friends will stare hard."

Magdalene: "Now I'm a princess and cursed, too, that's nice, I'm looking forward to a prince to break the spell."

George: "I'll read it to Annie(little sister) before she goes to sleep and she"ll dream about me."

Claire: "The princess in the picture looks like me, she has the same hair colour."

John: "I'm going to read it with granny today, she'll be so surprised when she sees it's about me."

Teachers and head teachers about our books

"We liked the personalised books a lot, children and their parents were excited and both the little and the big ones were reading them. This way of motivation to read is impressive."
Mgr. Hana Hajná, Mgr. Zuzana Špačková

"All the children were interested in the books and they started skimming them right away. They were first excited to find their names in the story and when they later found their friends' names, they started showing the books to each other. But what caught their interest the most was probably the back page with the table of contents and sequels where they again found their names. About two thirds of children were totally absorbed by the books as soon as they opened it. Above all, the weakest readers started reading immediately and in fact got absolutely engrossed."
Zdeňka Häuserová

"The reading itself motivated all the children to read more. They read the books at school and many of them read them at home to their parents, too. Lot of children talked about themselves like they were the books' heroes. We had many nice moments and experiences reading the books. The children followed the illustrations very attentively and created their own pictures. Thank you for this amazing opportunity which motivated the children, especially the weaker readers, and unforcibly led them to improve their reading skills."
Mgr. Marie Pernicová

"Beautiful design, illustrations, shiny cover and most importantly seeing their names, their friends' names and the city they come from melted their hearts. The children were scanning the books and started to read them immediately; they looked for their names, counted how many times it appears on a single page, the whole book, they were showing the book to each other... One of the girl almost didn't speak, she was just smiling and kept reading and reading and reading."
PaedDr. Anna Kovárňová

Parents about out books

"Thank you a lot fot the books. The children are happy to have books about themselves. They're very interested in it and enjoy reading."
Mrs. Heinzká

"Thanks for beautiful books. The kids liked them very much and even they don't like to read, this time they were very eager to do so."
Mrs. Dehnerová

"My son fell for the book Dinosaurus. Reading isn't really his hobby, but because he and his friends are the main heroes themselves he enjoyed reading it. I myself haven't read the book but as he told me himself, he liked both the story and the plot."
Mrs. Čalová